Williams Center Blog

Rebuilding in Earnest

It’s been a long time since we last updated the news from the Williams Center, but please know there has still been a lot going on. Nothing has slowed down the progress (except the 8 degree morning a few weeks back!) and many things are happening that soon will be covered by the walls and ceilings. But the process is right on track and here are some highlights:

  • The interior steel stud framing is 90% complete and it’s easy to walk through the building now and see the rooms and just how BIG they are! The contractor is waiting from approval on a few items from the City Inspections department before they can finish this task 100%.
  • The duct work is being installed that will carry the conditioned air into and from the classrooms, halls and other rooms. It’s a maze of silver of all sizes and shapes, so I am glad someone knows how all that fits up in the ceiling!
  • The air handlers both inside and on the roof have been installed and are being connected to the electrical circuits so that they can provide heat during the interior completion of the project.
  • The plumbers continue their work in earnest as well. New piping is being installed and connected for the water supply and drainage systems. The expanded restrooms are taking shape and so are the areas where there will be sinks and other water connections.
  • The electrical rough-in work is almost 100% complete and the new electrical service has been installed too. Duke Energy will install the new high voltage feeder on Saturday the 25th and then we will be able to have temporary heat and light in the building.
  • Brick installation work will start around February 1st as we have been waiting on a special shaped brick to be manufactured by Taylor Clay Products located in Salisbury.
  • The elevator shaft construction is well underway inside the building too, and the walls are strong and ready to mount the rails that the elevator cab rides on.
  • The old roof has been fully removed and the new roof and parapet are installed. The roof carries a 25 year warranty and is white to reflect heat, helping to lower the air conditioning load on the building.
  • The windows and glass are being installed and they look great! Another big change in the looks of the building no two ways about it. When the contrasting brick is installed, they will really stand out and complete the exterior of the building.
  • Believe it or not, we are already looking at landscaping, playground equipment, furnishings and a host of other items that will be required to complete the entire scope of the project! Summer will be here before you know it and we have to be prepared for moving back into this wonderful facility right on time.
  • Our general contractor has been great to work with and we are blessed to have Bill, Burl and the entire Edifice team behind the many tasks that are part of the rebuilding process.

One last note…put Sunday, February 16th on your calendar as well! We are going to hold an Open House in the building immediately after Worship to give you a firsthand look at the construction process. No hard hats required and the site will be safe, heated and ready for your inspection. We are confident you will be quite impressed and pleased with what you will see.

That’s it for this missive! Many thanks to you for your prayers, your support and the love that keeps us and the project moving forward so well. We know that God is in the project every day and His will is being brought to fruition week after week. These are indeed exciting times!

Keith and the entire Building Commitee