Williams Center Blog

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Unless you have not on the PMBC campus lately, you know well that work has begun on the Williams Center upgrades and rebuilding. It took more than a few days to get us to this point, but we are here now and everything is set for the process to be as smooth and well thought out as possible.

The full committee approved the complete asbestos abatement process throughout the entire building and here at the middle part of September, that scope of work is almost complete. Yes it was expensive, but we believe it was money well spent to ensure the long-term health of everyone who will be using the facility now and long into the future.

With the installation of the construction fencing, more than a few parking places were lost as well as our handicap ramp up to the sidewalk. The ramp was rebuilt and is much wider and nicer than the old ramp so all of our members can access the rear sidewalk areas and buildings with no barriers to wheelchairs or those who have difficulty in stepping up and down off the sidewalk.

Interior demolition has begun in earnest too and there are pictures of that activity posted on these pages for you to see. The first floor looks absolutely huge with most of the walls gone. Some likened it to what it looked like when the chapel was there and wax nostalgic about those good old days! Our group and the architect look at it and see the future with smooth walls, bright lighting, curious children, brighter colors and an environment made for learning and sharing Jesus with the little ones. It’s quite exciting and wonderful that the walls indeed are tumbling down.

There is more to tell but will save it for another update. Thanks for being a part of the wonderful PMBC family of faith and supporting this project so faithfully.