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We are Under Contract!

On Monday evening the 26th, Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church took a giant leap forward towards the renovation of the Williams Center! Sarah Ferguson as our senior Trustee and Bryan Knupp with Edifice sat at the conference room table and executed the final contract for the scope of work and cost we have been negotiating over for several months. There were lots of smiles and a sense of exhilaration as we are now 100% committed to the tasks before us and partnered with the general contractor we believe is the very best available to assist us with the construction. It was one of those red-letter events no two ways about it.

Sarah Ferguson, trustee, signs the Williams Center contract.

Sarah Ferguson, trustee, signs the Williams Center contract.

Now that we are underway, please remember your commitment to the NITT campaign and do your best to meet or accelerate your giving. These are critical months ahead financially and your support is critical to meeting our commitments to both Edifice and First Citizens. We know that God has His hand upon the building effort and upon our hearts as well in order to fund the renovation efforts.

Blessings to all of you…thank you for the continued prayers and words of encouragement! We cannot do this job without them!