Williams Center Blog

Last Minute Building Preparations

A short update on many different preparations being made prior to the actual start of demolition and construction:

  • The movers have come and emptied the building for the most part with some of the items going into storage for future use and others being donated to other Christian ministries. The building seems bigger to me now…
  • Doug Evans and Design Conditions have turned off all the HVAC equipment, drained the boilers and chillers in preparation for the removal of the old (ancient actually!) equipment. A recently installed air handler and condenser that served the first floor have been removed and placed into storage for future use. THANKS Doug!
  • A video inspection has been made of the main sanitary sewer drain from the building into the City’s sewer system and the pipe is remarkably clean for being 50 years old. This was excellent news meaning no additional exterior plumbing work is required beyond the interior confines of the building itself.
  • The five memorial post lights alongside the parking lot have been carefully removed and placed into storage for use again when the building is completed in 2014. These will be cleaned and repainted as necessary in the coming months as well as new globes installed on the fixtures that have been damaged.
  • The building permit process has hit several small hiccups from the mechanical review and fire code, but nothing that is insurmountable or too expensive to correct.  The Adams Group and Edifice are working on revised specifications to meet the requested upgrades to be fully Code compliant. We still expect permitting to be
  • A final addendum to all bidding subcontractors went out on Friday July 5th with a bid due deadline to Edifice at the close of business Thursday July 11th.
  • The appraisers have visited the site and are working on preparing their valuation for the bank. They were given all the recent surveys, floor plans and any other documents needed to assess the value of not only the Williams Center revisions, but of the entire campus property.

Looking ahead, the next three weeks will be intense and critical to the project as we finalize a contract amount and agree on a scope of work. Please be much in prayer for the committee and our church leadership during this important period of time. We will keep you all informed as things move forward!