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The Williams Center - Now Is The Time... To Build

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We achieved a historic milestone last Sunday with our commitment to rebuild the cold war era Williams Building into the new and updated modern Williams Center. This is certainly not the first milestone in the life of this wonderful old structure, but the latest one that brings new life and new possibilities to us while remaining true to our true purpose; sharing that old, old story of Jesus to the community around us.

Some may mourn the change in the image and purpose of this grand old building, a mainstay here since 1960. They remember its heyday, the halls bustling with youth, the Sunday School classrooms filled. This is its past glory, and we should never forget those former days.

Others may see the building as it is today. A bit worn - but comfortable as an old shoe, the halls wide and welcoming and the classes warm and inviting. But that comfort comes with a penalty: maintenance, heating and cooling costs and a building that sits empty for the majority of the week.  This is its current glory…and likewise we will remember these days as all too soon as they become the past.

The Special Purpose Williams Building Renovation Committee (That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?) sees the building not for what it might be, or could be, but for what it will be. The members are confident that God has His hand firmly in the task. With His guidance, we can renew this building physically (that’s the easy part) and spiritually (the much more difficult task!). We will strengthen its walls with steel, brick, glass and concrete. But at the same time, we as a church family will be requested by God to strengthen our commitment to fill this building with His children -- people of all tongues and types, all with needs and hurts, all needing Jesus. This is its future glory.

Thank you for making this challenge possible. Your gifts, pledges and faith in the future of Pritchard speak volumes about your commitment to the Lord’s work in Dilworth and the South End. We applaud you for believing there is indeed a grand future for the Williams Center and the people who will be changed, loved and strengthened there.

We as a committee do not work in a vacuum and realize we are a microcosm of the church faith family at large. We work on your behalf and covet your prayers and words of encouragement as we undertake this task. Come love on us and hug us as we lead the way towards God’s future glory.

We work on your behalf, too. We will not be always perfect in our decisions, and our choices may not please everyone. Please see our work through the lens of forgiveness and mercy when necessary.

We want this construction time to be a ministry to those who will perform the day-to-day work and we ask for you to pray for these men and women each day. We are dedicated in our vision to be Jesus to those who need Him most in their lives and may not even know it yet!

Finally…about this blog: Check in often as there will be new content weekly. We have created this site to show you and the community with photos, text, videos other bits of information, how a worn old shoe can become something a bit more stylish, a lot more up-to-date ... yet still true its original purpose and remain just as comfortable as it is today.

After all, you need good shoes on a journey; and we have embarked on one like few others…a journey of faithful servanthood! It promises to be quite the journey of sweat, persistence and faith no doubt about it. Come join us along this road…for that’s where Jesus is!


Bobby, David, Hope, Jeff, Keith, Meg, Ron, Stan, Sue and Tate

The SPWBR Committee