Williams Center Blog

From the Old... A New Building Arises

The work on the Williams Center continues at a dizzying pace. As I have said here before, something happens to the building every working day and this past week has been no exception. Edifice and their team of subcontractors are coordinated, focused and quickly moving forward with the rebuilding of this fine old building and I can tell you this; it looks great!  Here are some of the highlights:

  • All demolition is 100% complete and the rebuilding has begun in earnest! It’s amazing to walk through each floor today and be able to see from one end to the other!
  • But soon, there will be new walls…in fact, there are already new walls in place on the second and third floor and all of a sudden, the new rooms take on new dimensions as they become real and tangible.
  • Some of the duct work has been fabricated and is onsite ready for installation. All the air handlers have been ordered and will be installed soon too.
  • Electrical work is moving quickly with some of the receptacles and light switch rough-in wiring already installed and ready for inspection. Their conduit and fittings for the power feeders to each floor are onsite and awaiting installation too.
  • The first floor has been cut to provide chases for the new drain piping and next week the plumber will start digging the trenches to connect all this piping to the main sewer drain line.
  • Exterior door frames are starting to be set in place as well as the window frames on the exterior wall adjacent to the Pritchard Building. There are very important pieces of hardware as they and the soon to be installed glass will provide a one hour fire barrier between the two buildings.
  • The new footings and foundation along the south side have been installed and now you can see the final “footprint” of the building. There will be a new exterior wall built on this foundation soon and the “new” floor area filled and poured with concrete.
  • The interiors committee are wrapping up their work too so you be thinking bright and bold!
  • There are pictures on the website too, so please look at them too for a good look at the progress made thus far!

Thank you for your prayers and support as always! We love the challenge before us, but know your love and God’s hand upon the task makes the job easy…well…easier anyway! We are grateful for this church family who are truly behind His plan that will allow us to love and serve the communities around us.


The Building Committee