Williams Center Blog

The Williams Center - A Mere Shell of Its Former Self

It’s a wet Saturday afternoon as I write this and the gray skies and cool temperatures are a perfect excuse to stay inside and share the latest updates on the Williams Center with our church family.  Needless to say, there has been a lot going on here at 1117 South Boulevard these past few weeks.

The demolition is almost complete and boy did that work ever open up some vistas that have not been seen for 50+ years! The interior walls are gone, the selected exterior wall panels have toppled to the ground and been hauled away to their demise, even the three story chimney is gone! There are gaping holes in the floor where ducts and pipes used to run, so you have to watch your step when in the building now.

The exterior framing has started and we can now begin to see how large the windows are and how the brick will accent them with a darker hue than the remaining old bricks. If you will look beside the construction trailer located in the upper parking lot, you can see a small mock-up of the new wall panels with the contrasting brick, a specially shaped brick that delineates old panels vs. new and even a sample window. The Building Committee has reviewed and approved this design, so look for those changes soon.

Edifice is working hard to be able to “dry-in” the building as soon as possible. This means that the windows are installed, the exterior sheathing is in place, the temporary doors are in place and the roof has been replaced. Once this is done, those cold winter days won’t delay interior construction and the exterior can continue on the good days when they come. The secret to a successful project is to have something happen every working day and this plan allows that.

The electrical service to the building has been disconnected (at 4:00 AM on Thursday the 17th!) and the temporary power has been connected. Duke is evaluating the current electrical service and we are hoping and praying that the existing transformer will be adequate for the new loads being placed on it. I shudder to think of the logistics and costs required to change to a new pad mounted external transformer, so join us in that prayer please!

The floor has been cut where the elevator pit will be installed. We all have been asked if we are moving the old elevator to the building and let me emphatically tell you…NO!  The new elevator will be roomy, clean and fast! No more waiting or hoping that you don’t get stuck in between floors. Not to mention now everyone can access all three floor of the Williams Center easily! Won’t that be a great and wonderful day???


Construction costs to date are in line with expectations, so no great surprises there. We meet weekly with the architect and contractor to review not only costs, but construction progress, product submittals and subcontractor proposals. We walk through the site and note design issues and suggested changes and improvements and all of us are very, very pleased with the scope and quality of work performed to date. The subs on site have been great to work with and understand they are working on a special place so they take great care in their work. Bill Bailey and Burl Johnson with Edifice have been a delight to work with and they are on top of every detail. We have indeed been blessed to have these two men in charge of our project and we thank God for them and the entire Edifice team that supports them behind the scenes.

Our Interiors subcommittee has been meeting often with the architect and has come up with some wonderful color schemes, updated materials and new fabrics that will ensure anyone that we are not in an old facility any longer! I won’t give away their secrets, just know the look will be bold, bright and perfect for the Williams Center and the ministry we are called to perform there.

Please keep the Building Committee in your prayers, the entire Adams Group team and our friends at Edifice too. It’s a team effort and we need the Lords guidance and your love, support and prayers so that we are fully aligned with God’s design and will for this wonderful old building. We can’t wait to show you the Williams Center in all of its new glory in a few short months. In the meantime keep watching the work progress safely outside the fences and thank God for His provision!

Blessings and joy,

The Building Committee