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The Williams Center is open!

The Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church congregation spent their first Sunday in the new Williams Center on Sunday, July 13, 2014.  After over 50 years of service to our church, the Williams Center has been revitalized to accommodate a growing Pritchard congregation and South End community.

Exterior Mockups and Floorplans

Exterior Mockups and Floorplans

View Construction Progress - Updated Jul 12, 2014

View Construction Progress - Updated Jul 12, 2014

The Williams Center will feature a new exterior and completely redesigned and renovated interior.  Major upgrades will include new, larger windows, accent brick, a 2,500-pound elevator, and new technology.

The first floor of the Williams Center will be the new home of the Child Development Center during weekdays.  During church events and services, Pritchard preschool children will be able to use the new facility.  Some highlights of the renovation include:

    • Door security and access control, a reception and waiting area, and completely renovated ADA Compliant restrooms
    • 3 infant rooms, 2 toddler rooms, 2 two year old rooms, and 3 three-four year old rooms
    • Private nursing room, warming kitchen, washer/dryer room, and a resource room

    The second floor will serve as the Children's floor.   The renovation will include:

    • Door security and access control, a reception and waiting area, media and multipurpose rooms
    • Eight classrooms will be used by children between Kindergarten and fifth grade

    The third floor will be for Adults.  The renovated floor will make better use of our large space and allow for the following:

    • Large lounge area for fellowship and gatherings
    • Eleven classrooms of various sizes, some with movable walls to provide flexible meeting space
    • Large accessible restrooms that are ADA compliant

    Note: the original building design in the video is different than the current design.

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    Updated: September 2014

    Updated: September 2014