Sunday School

Sunday School:

"Free Spirits"  - Fletcher 116

The Free Spirits class is made up of women from the Boomer generation, as well as those who are empty nesters.  This class offers biblical studies through lecture and open discussion that apply directly to the lives of these women.

"Cowboys" - Williams 316

The Cowboys class is open to men of all ages.  This group uses Illustrator curriculum developed by Lifeway Christian Resources to engage in the study of biblical history. 

"CoEd" - Williams 312

The CoEd class is open to all adults.  This class uses traditional quarterly curriculum developed by Lifeway Christian Resources.

"Professional Business Women" - Williams 216C

The Professional Business Women class is designed for women 40 years old and older.  Together they study traditional Bible Study curriculum designed to address the rigors of their lives.

"Special Studies" - Williams 209

The Special Studies class is open to adults of all ages and uses unique Bible Study material by John Ortberg, Max Lucado, Philip Yancey, and many others.  The purpose of this class is to help its members struggle through the journey of life while developing a clearer understanding of God’s call and God’s purpose.

"Hope Seekers" - Williams 216A and B

The Hope Seekers class is open to women of all ages.  Through lectures and discussions based on quarterly curriculum, this class helps women deal with the challenges they face each day.

"Potters Hand" - Williams 300

The Potters Hand class is for adults of all ages, and offers unique Bible Studies designed to help class members cope with the many different challenges that come into their lives.  They seek to learn how to be molded more closely into the person that God wants each of us to be.  As they strive to become more and more like Christ, they feel that together they are better able to face the challenges each new day brings.

"Discipleship Classes"

In addition to weekly Bible Study opportunities, Pritchard offers four classes for those who desire explore the life of discipleship even more deeply.  These classes are offered in both the spring and the fall, and are taught on Sunday afternoons.  Each class builds upon the previous, so class members are encouraged to follow the suggested curriculum outlined below.

"Class 101:  Discovering Pritchard"

Class 101 is a two hour class designed to educate new and prospective members about life at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church.  In this class, students learn about the church’s history, structure, camps, worship style, and regional and national affiliations.  Class 101 is taught by our Senior Pastor, Rev. Bobby Morrow.

"Class 201:  Discovering Habits for Christian Growth"

Class 201 is a four hour class taught to empower students for Christian growth as they prepare to serve the congregation, the community, and the world.  In this class, students learn the importance of Christian practices of worship, Bible Study, prayer, tithing, fellowship, and journaling.  Class 201 is taught by our Associate Senior Pastor, Rev. Stan Heiser.

"Class 301:  Discovering my S.H.A.P.E. for Ministry"

Class 301 is a four hour class taught to help Christ-followers understand how God has shaped and prepared them for ministry in God’s Kingdom.  Using the S.H.A.P.E. acrostic developed by Rick Warren, participants learn how God prepares us by giving each of us spiritual gifs, speaking to our hearts through our skills and abilities, developing our personalities, and walking us through our unique life experiences.  Class 301 is taught by Mr. Charles Wall.

"Class 401:  Discovering My Life’s Purpose"

Class 401 is a four hour class taught to help Christ-followers to live a Christ-centered life daily in the marketplace.  During this class, students explore the way the world operates today, and how it could operate if Christians were truly fulfilling the mission Jesus set forth for us.  As they explore, students are given simple suggestions that will help them to live these principles in their daily lives.  Class 401 is taught by Mr. Don Taft.

Senior Adults:

"Bethlehem Men" - Williams 200A

Designed for men 70 years old and older, the Bethlehem Men use traditional quarterly curriculum by Lifeway Christian Resources, as well as additional study material.

"Maranatha" - Williams 200B

The Maranatha class is designed for women 70 years old and older.  Each week they hear a lecture and engage in open discussion.  The members of this class also meet once a month for a fellowship lunch.  This is a caring fellowship of women who are actively involved in the life of our church.

"Dorcas and Rachel" - Williams 200F

The Dorcas and Rachel class is composed of women who are 80 years old and older.  They invite you to join this fellowship of women that is bound together by their faith and their study.

"His In Service (HIS)" - Williams 216D and E

The HIS Bible Study class is made up of couples that are 60 years old and older.  This is a service minded class that offers many opportunities to participate in outside missions and ministries within the church.

Sunday School: "Special Needs" - Williams 215

The Special Needs class is for adults with unique developmental needs and uses curriculum designed specifically to help these students as they walk daily with Christ.  In addition to the regular class meeting, a special worship service is developed for this class each week and is held in the Williams Chapel.

The Family G.I.F.T.

A growing group of committed families meets weekly at PMBC to develop their personal faith and their relationships with each other.

This adult class is a setting for families (with & without children), committed couples, and anyone who wants to grow in knowledge and love for God within a nurturing Christian fellowship. It is our hope that we will grow in faith together through learning, serving, and loving each other, our families, and the world as God loves us.

Our focus is to help families grow in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ by studying the Bible and learning real-life applications of His teachings.

Worship, Connect, Grow, and Serve!

  • Stimulate growth in faith through prayer, Bible study, and Christian fellowship.
  • Foster the development of spiritual gifts to serve God’s church, and support participation and service in the broader congregation and community.
  • Provide group opportunities for implementing Biblical principles in life through service and mission.
  • Encourage being a part of a caring community of Christ followers.