Facilities Rental & Weddings


Facilities Rental & Wedding Services

This page includes information about our campus and facilities. If you would like to rent space for an event on our campus contact us.

Facilities Rental

For Facilities Rental inquiries please contact the Church Office at 704-376-1571.


Wedding Regulations

One of the most sacred services of the church is that of uniting two people in holy matrimony.  When couples come to join their lives in marriage, they should deem this as one of the most precious and deeply spiritual experiences of their lifetime.

Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church can be used as a South End Wedding Venue for church members.  Most ceremonies are held in the Sanctuary, which has a seating capacity of 1,000.  A Cassavant Pipe Organ is available for the music.  There is also a small chapel available which seats 20-25 for very small weddings.

Scheduling the Date

It is suggested that you call at the earliest possible time to get your rehearsal, wedding and reception or rehearsal dinner on the church calendar.  Only one wedding will be scheduled on a given date.

You will need to contact the officiating minister to confirm your date and to schedule a conference.  You will also need to confirm this date with the organist.  

Schedule a conference with the wedding coordinator.  The use of our wedding coordinator is mandatory.  Her name is Carol Hewitt, and she may be contacted at 704-543-0600. You should be in touch with her as soon as possible after tentatively scheduling your wedding date with the church office.  Following your contact with the coordinator, she will confirm your date in writing with both you and the church office.  

Music Arrangements

Schedule a conference with the Pritchard musician (organist or pianist) concerning the use of music for the service, or notify the organist or pianist if other musicians are to be used.  In the event that a musician other than our own is preferred, that person will be subject to approval by our organist due to the mechanical complexities of our organ.  Rehearsal schedules for guest organists must also be cleared with the church organist.  

Solos or other vocal music should be selected by the bride in conference with the musician.  Music should be of a worshipful nature and should conform to the spirit of the ceremony.   Any requests for secular music should be discussed with the church organist or pianist, and the musician will make that decision with the bride and groom.


All decorations should be kept within bounds of simplicity and good taste.  Any equipment, such as candelabra and baskets for urns will be furnished by the florist.  The florist must have a Certificate of Insurance and should be advised by the bride of the following regulations concerning decorations:

  • No pins, tacks or scotch tape should be used to secure aisle cloths.  Masking tape may be used.
  • No decorations should be tacked or taped to the walls or woodwork of the Sanctuary.
  • Dripless candles must be used in all candelabra.
  • The communion table and/or pulpit may be moved off the pulpit area to allow more room for the wedding party. 
  • Any damages to objects of art, furniture or fixtures in any of the buildings used for wedding purposes will be assumed by the bride.

Reception and/or Rehearsal Dinner

The Fellowship Hall may be used for receptions and/or rehearsal dinners.  We ask that these regulations be followed when the events are held at Pritchard Memorial:

  • NO beverage containing alcohol may be brought on the premises.
  • The bride may use a licensed caterer or Pritchard’s kitchen staff who will be responsible for the reception or rehearsal.
  • The church will furnish the following equipment:
  • Dining room tables, size 8 feet long or 60 inches round.
  • As many dining room chairs as necessary, up to maximum capacity of 350 people pursuant to fire department regulations.
  • The caterer must have a Certificate of Insurance.
  • The kitchen is available ONLY to an outside caterer as a place from which food and beverages may be served.
  • Caterer will bring their own help for serving, washing dishes, handling food and equipment and be responsible for everything being left in a clean condition.  
  • Any additional equipment needed must be supplied by the caterer.  
  • The church will not accept the responsibility of receiving the cake or any food items.  
  • If additional help from the church janitor is needed concerning room arrangements, instructions should be provided in writing to the Coordinator.
  • Banners hanging in the Fellowship Hall MAY NOT be removed.

Food/Snacks for Wedding Party

NO food or drinks (except water) are allowed in the Sanctuary, Vestibule, or Ladies Parlor.  If food or snacks are needed for the wedding party, these can be served in the Gathering Place.  Please make such request to the wedding coordinator along with the number of tables and chairs needed.  The church janitor will dispose of any food left in the Gathering Place.  

There is one exception to the food/snacks rule in the Ladies Parlor only:  Food and drinks will be allowed in the Ladies Parlor for an additional fee of $250 to cover any accidental damage to the furniture or carpeting.

Ladies Parlor

The Ladies Parlor was designed and built to serve as a dressing room for brides and her attendants.  

Photography and Videography

Photographers must furnish a Certificate of Insurance.  All photography or videography during the ceremony must be discussed and cleared with the officiating minister.  Flash pictures may NOT be taken during the wedding ceremony.   All photographers must be informed as to where they may be positioned during the ceremony.  

Certificates of Insurance

Please confirm with your florist, caterer, photographer, and videographer that they are covered by insurance for any damage or loss to the church due to any actions by them.  If they do not have adequate insurance coverage, you will be responsible for any potential damage caused by them during the times scheduled for your wedding.

Sunday Weddings

Sunday weddings can be held after the morning worship service.  The pulpit furniture will not be moved for the rehearsal but will be moved following the Sunday morning service.  No wedding decorating may be done until after the pulpit furniture has been moved (approximately 11:45 to 12:00 Noon).


NO rice or birdseed should be thrown inside or outside the buildings.  Bubbles or sparklers may be used outside the buildings.  Please help us in this matter.


The following expenses should be anticipated when using the services and facilities of Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church.

Members of Pritchard

  • No fee is required for use of the buildings to members.
  • A suggested fee for the minister is $150.
  • The musician's fees are negotiable.  Please contact the wedding organizer and the musician for more information.
  • A janitorial fee is required for rehearsal, wedding and reception.  The charge is $150.00 for all three, $100.00 if no reception, $75.00 if no rehearsal or reception.  There will be an additional janitorial charge of $100.00 to move and replace pulpit furniture.  The janitorial fee will be made payable to the janitor involved.  Arrangements concerning times to provide access to the buildings should be provided to the coordinator in writing.
  • It is necessary for a member of the Light and Sound Committee to be present to operate the lights and sound for the wedding.  There will be a charge of $100.00 to the committee person who handles this.
  • Pritchard has a wedding coordinator who will be able to help you with all of the details involved in making your wedding a happy memory and experience.  Her fee is $150.
  • Pritchard has several wedding directors, and the wedding coordinator can provide those names to you.  Fees for the wedding directors may vary and should be discussed and agreed upon with whichever director you choose.  Use of a wedding director is suggested but is not mandatory.  Any non-member director you wish to use must consult with the wedding coordinator.
  • All fees are to be paid either at the rehearsal or prior to the rehearsal.  

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