Become A Member


Become a Member

Any person may offer himself or herself for membership with PMBC.  All such persons shall be presented to the Church at any regular church service when the doors of the Church are opened for new members. The congregation will be asked to vote to receive, by a majority vote, members in any of the following ways:

  • By Baptism – By public profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as a candidate for baptism by immersion.
  • By Letter – By promise of a letter of recommendation from another Baptist Church of like faith and order.  Persons who have been baptized by immersion will be received under watch-care of the Church pending receipt of letter.
  • By Statement – The candidate’s statement of prior conversion experience and baptism by immersion in a Baptist Church of like faith and order when no letter is obtainable.
  • By Transfer of Membership – Persons coming from a church other than Baptist of like faith and order, giving evidence of their Christian experience and asking to be baptized by immersion, if they have not previously been so baptized.
  • By Restoration – A member from whom fellowship has been withdrawn may be restored to membership by majority of the congregation present and voting, upon presentation of evidence satisfactory to the Church of repentance and reformation.
  • By Recommendation of Pastor – One that cannot be baptized for health reasons.  Statement from doctor is necessary.  At a later date, if health permits, candidate will be expected to be baptized.

(From the PMBC By-Laws)